The Vet-Approved Smart Dog Wearable

Stay connected to your pet & vet with the LinkVet tracker. This smart little collar attachment & companion smartphone app pack big benefits - manage your dog's health & wellness via real-time activity metrics, vet record storage, symptom analysis tools & more.

LinkVet's industry-leading GPS tracking is the perfect companion to microchipping to know your dog's location 24/7/365.

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking

    Track location in real-time with advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular technology. 

  • Places


    Choose areas where your pet is free to roam, set locations you frequent in the app, and get immediate alerts if he wanders.

  • Link Bluetooth Beacon

    Link Bluetooth Beacon

    Create temporary safe places or extend your home safe place with portable Bluetooth beacons. Perfect for large or multi-level homes and on-the-go places. 

  • Exercise Goals

    Exercise Goals

    Customize activity targets for your dog’s age, size, breed and behavior with Link’s patent-pending app algorithm.

  • Activity Monitoring

    Activity Monitoring

    Track moderate and intense daily activity against your customized goals to ensure your pup is getting the exercise they need. 

  • LinkVet Powered by Petriage

    LinkVet Powered by Petriage

    Use the in-app symptom analysis tool to immediately assess if something’s wrong with your pup and what you need to do. Built by vets with over 99% accuracy in assessing urgency of seeking care means you have peace of mind 24/7.  

  • Temperature Alerts

    Temperature Alerts

    Get immediate notifications if your dog’s ambient environment gets too hot or cold.

  • PetPass & Health Records

    PetPass & Health Records

    Access identification information and vet records for travel or emergencies, and set convenient appointment reminders.

  • Built-In Training Tools

    Built-In Training Tools

    Encourage good behavior through positive reinforcement with remotely controlled tones and vibrations.

  • Resource Center

    Resource Center

    Browse the Link My Pet YouTube channel & Wanderer blog to find a library of training tutorials and resources for dedicated pet parents. 

  • Adventures


    Capture and share stats and photos from your most epic walks, romps and trips.  

  • Flashlight


    Activate Link’s built-in, remotely-controlled light to help guide late night walks or illuminate your pet’s collar if she gets lost.

  • Link Concierge

    Link Concierge

    Need help with your Link or tracking your lost dog? Want some recommendations on pet-friendly hotels or restaurants? Our exclusive, Florida-based Concierge team is just a phone call away. 

Technical Specifications


The Link device weighs 1.1 oz (about as much as a USB
phone charger) and measures 2.25 in. x 1.4 in. x .8 in.

Battery Life

With some variance based on activity levels and network coverage, Link stays charged up to 14 days. Link features secure, snap-in installation and simple removal for charging, which takes just a few


Link is impact-resistant and water-resistant up to 3 feet with an IPX8 waterproof rating.

Phone Compatibility

Link is compatible with Apple iOS 11.0 or later and Android device 7.0 or later.

Check your Cellular Coverage

Link is currently available in the US and uses the Verizon cellular network to pinpoint your pet’s location. Signal strength varies by region and can be affected by the physical environment surrounding
your pet when he’s outdoors. Check your area’s
signal strength here.

The LinkVet App Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I turn the LinkVet device on?

There is not a physical power button since the LinkVet is not only a tracking device, but also a wellness monitor and is continuously collecting and storing data. You do need to charge the LinkVet device before using (see quick start guide for instructions if needed). If there is a charge to the battery, the LinkVet will be powered ON and you’ll notice a “heartbeat” flash every 12 seconds on the front of the device. 

Where do I get the LinkVet App?

Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the LinkVet App.  Open the LinkVet App and follow the prompts to choose your subscription and set up your pet’s profile. LinkVet is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Apple and Android smartphones.  Minimum operating system requirements are ios11.0 and Android 7.0

What permissions are needed to use the LinkVet app on my phone?

Bluetooth is required to form the connection between your LinkVet app and the actual LinkVet device.  The device doesn’t “pair” with your phone so that those connections remain open for any other devices. Instead, the device finds the available signal and uses it as a reference, knowing that if the device can “see” your phone, it’s connected in the same area.

The LinkVet app also asks for Location permissions to be allowed “Always” with Precise Location enabled to allow the device to see where your phone is, and also to send locations back to the app. Marking these permissions as “no” could prevent the LinkVet app from receiving timely and accurate location updates, especially in an emergency tracking situation.

Notifications are another important setting to verify. The LinkVet app will relay push notifications regarding temperature alerts, activity goal successes and location alerts. Also, LinkVet system updates are sent from our server as notifications. Having these turned OFF will prevent your device from receiving important updates to improve functionality and add newly released features.

What is a service plan and why do I need it?

Think of the LinkVet Service Plan like a cell phone service plan for your pet: it enables data to be transmitted from the LinkVet smart pet wearable to your LinkVet app via cellular, which allows you to know your pet’s location, activity levels and much more. The service plan is necessary for GPS location tracking, Health & fitness monitoring and reporting, and the symptom analysis tools. The Service Plan also provides you with LinkVet Concierge Service.

Requires annual service plan: $99.00 per year (equivalent to $8.25 per month) billed annually. 

What cell phone plan do I need?

It does not matter if you have Verizon, Sprint, AT&T etc..  Link uses the Verizon cellular network to relay data.  Your pet’s LinkVet plan is independent of your own cellular service plan.

What is a Place?

Upon activation you were prompted to set your first “Place” with your home Wi-Fi signal. Creating your home “Place” is a crucial first step in onboarding your LinkVet device. Without it, you may experience false alerts and will not receive proper notification if your dog leaves home (or any other set place).  Having a saved “Place” is required for your device to receive software updates as well. You are encouraged to set other “Places” at locations your pup frequents—doggy daycare, the groomer, dog parks, pet sitter, etc.  If Wi-Fi is unavailable or your home Wi-Fi signal isn’t stable, you have the option of adding in a Link Puck.  This is a Bluetooth beacon that creates a perimeter from 100-150 feet around your home.  

How long will my battery last?

The expected battery life for a new LinkVet device that is connected to your phone via Bluetooth or if your pet is home alone, connected to your safe place can be expected to last up to 14 days.  If your pet is away from you and not at home connected by cellular signal, battery life is up to 5 days.  If you have Live GPS tracking activated, your battery may last up to 36 hours.  

How does the LinkVet device attach to my dog’s collar?

There are a variety of attachment options to customize how your device attaches to your collar or harness of choice. Your package comes standard with a plastic clip and elastic band option. The plastic clip slides over most collars. We recommend the elastic band for our busier or more adventurous dogs to ensure a tight fit to the collar, while also offering a little give to prevent accidental entanglement.

How do I attach the LinkVet Device to the included clip?

To attach the clip, slide the front part of the clip into the back of the LinkVet device in the direction of the arrow on the device.  Attach the now combined pieces to your favorite collar by sliding the clip over the collar and ensuring the full width of the collar is securely inside the bottom ledge of the clip.


Location monitoring and GPS Tracking, how does it work?

LinkVet monitors your pet’s location, allowing you to track anywhere in the US if it has connectivity.  If you have cell signal and your pet’s LinkVet device is charged, you are able to see its location via the LinkVet App. Link uses advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular data to provide your pet’s location.

Location tracking isn’t just for lost pets, it can be used to know when and where the dog walker or kids take your pet out, for example. It’s fun to learn more about your pet’s day!

I got an away alert, but my dog is near me.  What happened?

Have you established your pet’s Safe Places? The LinkVet device has a Bluetooth antenna that scans the area every 12 seconds to look for known signals like your phone’s Bluetooth or a saved WiFi Safe Place. Whenever it scans the area and doesn’t find these saved signals, it connects to the cellular network and sends a message that your pet is “away”.  

If your phone is near the device (within 15-30 feet) and you are logged into the LinkVet app and continue to receive these notifications, check that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned ON.  If you have an iPhone, go to your phone’s Settings then tap on Privacy and Bluetooth and make sure the LinkVet app is enabled.

If you still receive these notifications, reboot the device by plugging it in for 30 seconds and then unplug it to reset. Also note any specific areas in your home that it may be happening. The Bluetooth signal from your Link may be experiencing interference (such as other Bluetooth devices, routers, microwave ovens, etc.) Adding a Link Puck (Bluetooth Beacon) often stabilizes spotty WiFi connections and reduces these false “away” messages. 

Away Alert Settings can also be adjusted in the Profile section of the LinkVet app.  Here you can choose how responsive you want the Link device to be when sending these “away” notices when the Bluetooth signal loses known connections. Moving the slider farther right allows the device to scan more often for known signals before sending the alert.

Receiving a false “away” message means the Link device is ready to start tracking in the event of an emergency. Receiving those messages to your phone means the device is communicating through the cellular network and ready to respond.

What does it mean when the app says my dog is “with me”?

This status message indicates that the device is connected to your phone’s Bluetooth signal with a range of 30-50 feet. Link does not “pair” with your phone, instead, every 12 seconds the Link scans the area for available connections.  If it scans your phone’s Bluetooth signal (or another phone logged into the app), the device knows its location is the same as your phone and allows the LinkVet app to continue reporting information (such as location and activity) to our LinkVet server. Unless it experiences a status change, the Link device will only connect to the cellular network once every hour to report information, preserving the battery of the device. If you (and your phone) are with your pup and you are not receiving this status message, check your phone’s Bluetooth connection to make sure it is turned on (iPhone users should also check their phone Settings under Privacy and then Bluetooth to make sure the LinkVet app is allowed there as well).  If all permissions are enabled and you’re still not receiving this status message, a simple restart of your phone should clear the cached memory for the LinkVet app and allow reconnection.

What does it mean when my app says my dog is “away”?

Away alerts indicate the Link is no longer recognizing your phone’s Bluetooth signal or any of your saved Place signals. When this happens, the Link sends device Wi-Fi locations, meaning the Link scans the area for all available signals and estimates a location based on their strength every 5 minutes. If you go to the Location tab in your LinkVet app or tap Track on the home screen, you can activate GPS tracking to begin receiving 20 second location updates with much higher accuracy.

My app says my LinkVet device is “disconnected”.  What does that mean?

A disconnected status means the battery has completely drained or the device has been unable to connect to the cellular network for at least 2 hours. If the device moves out of cellular range, it keeps an open data connection and constantly tries to reconnect. When the Link moves back into an area with cellular coverage, it will relay the last 2 hours of stored data.  


What are the buttons in the top control panel in the app? 

Tone: The Link tones are a training feature that provide a positive indicator to your pup. The tone can be changed to one of two sounds by holding the tone button and selecting either the Happy or Clicker tone. Use it to reinforce positive behaviors or for recall (also to help locate the LinkVet device if it ever goes missing inside your home).  

Vibrate: The vibrate button will initiate the haptic response on the LinkVet device. It’s simply a light shake of the device—no electric shock whatsoever. The vibration should be used to deter or re-direct your pup’s focus and attention with a quick tap of the button. 

Track: The Track button will enable GPS tracking when the device is in an “away” state. When you begin tracking, the LinkVet device opens a connection to the cellular network and begins updating location information every 25 seconds. The device can use 3 out of 4 major GPS satellite systems to send locations and once it establishes line of sight, the range of accuracy narrows to a few meters.  As locations refresh every 25 seconds they will show on the map as blue pawprints. The most recent location will always show as your dog’s photo icon. If your Link reconnects with your phone’s Bluetooth or a saved Place, GPS tracking will automatically be turned off to preserve battery life. If your dog were to leave that area again, you would receive another “away” notification from the LinkVet app and would need to tap Track my dog again to re-initiate GPS tracking. 

Leash: LinkVet leash is an upcoming feature release.  You will be able to set a geofence area around yourself to allow your dog extended room for off leash adventuring, but as your pup moves to the edge of that area, the tone or vibrate will initiate to encourage your dog to return to you.  

Light: The device’s built-in LED light can be enabled to illuminate your late evening walk or to quickly show your dog’s location in the dark. It could also be turned on to attract the attention of others if your dog is lost. 

How can I test the GPS tracking to see how it works?

To safely test GPS tracking, we recommend performing a controlled tracking test with these steps:

Walk your dog (wearing the LinkVet device) away from your home Place and ensure the app registers your dog as “with you.”

Temporarily disable the Bluetooth connection on your phone (the app will notify you that the system may not work as intended without Bluetooth, but you can continue.)

Watch the Home screen in your LinkVet app until you receive a message that your dog is “away.” This will take 1-2 minutes since turning off Bluetooth isn’t a natural disconnect for the app and device. 

Tap the “Track” button on the Activity screen and then the “Track My Dog” button on the Location screen.

Your dog’s locations will begin displaying as a blue pawprint on the map with the most recent location showing as your dog’s profile icon.

Leave tracking on for at least 10 minutes.  When you’re finished, remember to turn Bluetooth back on and watch for your dog’s status message on the home screen to return to “with you.”

How does the Link report activity?

The LinkVet app shows a daily breakdown of walking versus running minutes, as well as total minutes of activity, calories burned, steps and miles. Tapping on the calendar icon will show you a monthly activity breakdown with streak and goal information. Hourly bar graphs illustrate spikes in activity and are a great way to monitor your pup’s most active times of the day. This is especially helpful for high energy dogs, as well as those with anxiety, to help owners learn how to modify their daily schedules. 

The device, however, doesn’t report every movement of your dog through the day. LinkVet uses an IMU with a 6-axis accelerometer, a pedometer, a magnetometer and a gyroscope to collect movement information. These data points are configured by an algorithm that defines movement. The algorithm doesn’t account for every motion throughout the day. Instead, it’s reporting specific movement patterns that would equate to minutes of exercise and calorie burn—moderate and intense activity, rather than casual movement—to help keep your pup healthy.

My Link isn’t counting steps correctly.  What can I do?

Movement is reported based on a pattern of motion for an “average” dog, but we know your dog is not average! The device should report about 2,200 steps/mile for a medium sized dog.  To calibrate your device, open LinkVet App, click on Profile in the bottom menu of your App screen, then click on Distance (Step) Calibration.  If you have a larger dog and your device is overcounting steps, you’ll need to slide the calibration tool to the left. If you have a smaller dog and the Link is undercounting steps, you can slide the calibration tool to the right.  Once adjusted, tap on Update.  Android users are automatically returned to Profile after Update, IOS users can click on any other icon to complete.  

What are Adventures?

Use Adventures to record shared walks, hikes and explorations with your dog. The linear trail is recorded with the option to take photos along the way.  It’s a virtual scrapbook to store your favorite memories with your favorite pup! To start an Adventure, your Link must be connected to your phone, and to take photos the app will ask for additional permissions to access your media only for the purpose of creating a folder on your phone storage.

How do I see my dog’s location?

The Location button is found in the center of the app’s bottom menu. The location screen provides a map showing the Link’s current location. Your pup’s location will show as an icon with his profile photo. The small, dark blue circle indicates your phone’s current location and red location pins are saved Places. In the top right corner of the app, Android users can tap on the 3 vertical white dots to toggle the map view between standard, hybrid and satellite view.  iOS users have a map layering icon in the upper right corner for viewing options. 

How do I add another dog to my pack?

Tap on the Settings menu in the bottom right corner of your LinkVet app then tap on My Pets and tap on the + symbol in the top right corner.  Follow the prompts to add the newest member of your pack and activate the LinkVet device with GPS service.  

 I have more than one dog, how do I see all of their locations?

Currently, to view each dog’s data and location, you must toggle between dog profiles. At the top of each LinkVet menu screen, tap on the down arrow and select the dog you wish to view. 

How do I change my dog’s profile information?

Open the Profile section of the LinkVet app and tap the 3 vertical white dots at the top then select Edit Dog Profile.  Here you can change the profile photo and update your dog’s information. Once updated, click save in the upper right corner. 

How do I see details about my LinkVet device - like the software version and Device ID?

Open the Profile section of the LinkVet app and tap on the 3 vertical white dots at the top, then select LinkVet Details.  Here you can find details about the LinkVet device and the current app version installed. Once updated, click save in the upper right corner. 

What is LinkVet Powered by Petriage? 

Petriage is your afterhours assistant. Petriage uses the in-app symptom analysis tool to immediately assess if something’s wrong with your pup and what you need to do. Built by vets with over 99% accuracy in assessing urgency in seeking care means you will have peace of mind 24/7.

Can I set reminders for my vaccinations and dog’s medications?

Yes! You can store those and more under Profile > Vet Records. Once you’re on the Vet Records screen, the + symbol in the top right corner to add a new record with an expiration date and reminder. You can even include a photo of the record or certificate.  If you choose not to upload a photo click through to move to the next screen.  Once you tap Done you’ll receive an email from with the expiration reminder. Open the attachment to set a reminder on your personal calendar and make it recurring for frequent reminders like heartworm and flea prevention. (If you do not receive your email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder and mark the email as not junk)

What are temperature alerts?

LinkVet measures the ambient temperature surrounding your device. If this feature is turned on, you can be notified if your dog is in an environment that’s too hot or cold. Keep in mind that your dog’s body regularly maintains a temperature of 101-103 degrees and setting the high temperature range below could cause you to receive frequent alerts when the device temperature is affected by your dog’s body heat. Dogs laying in direct sunlight or snuggling under blankets can also cause high temperature alerts.

Why did the app recommend this activity goal?

LinkVet recommends an activity goal based on the breed, age and weight of your dog to help sustain a healthy lifestyle. If you have a multi-breed dog, you’ll be prompted with two additional questions regarding his daily activity patterns to help customize the activity recommendation.  You’re always able to change the activity goal under the Profile section of the app.  Adjust the slider and tap Update. Any change to your goal will be updated the following day.

 Why does the Link flash?

This is the “heartbeat”, an intermittent flashing light that indicates the Link is powered ON.  Under the Profile section of the LinkVet app is an option to customize the color that it flashes (helpful for multi-dog households to differentiate the devices from one another) or completely turn off the heartbeat light.


 Why is the app taking a while to track?

If it’s been more than five minutes and location hasn’t updated, LinkVet is either unable to connect to the Verizon network and/or unable to find a GPS satellite.  The device needs to have a cellular connection to communicate to the network, which communicates with your app.  The device needs a GPS satellite connection to know its location. It must have a clear line of sight to the sky to do this.  Being indoors, under a bridge, in a heavily wooded area, etc. are GPS satellite barriers.  As long as the LinkVet device has remaining battery power it will continuously attempt to reconnect to the cellular network until it can again send information to your LinkVet app.

Why do I see a “Managing Connections” message?

If you’re seeing a “Managing Connections” message, that is because it is a Google requirement as we are using Bluetooth in the background to communicate with the tracker. this is required by Google to let its users know if an app is actively connecting, even when the app is not active.

For optimal LinkVet location monitoring and tracking functionality, you should always have location permissions turned on.

Because we use low energy Bluetooth, your phone’s battery should not be materially impacted.


How can the vet office staff and patients reach LinkVet with product or service questions?

We’re happy to help! The LinkVet concierge team can be reached by phone at (888) 249-5838 or by email at

Do I have a warranty?

LinkVet offers a one-year warranty, from the initial purchase date on all products that meet our warranty conditions. If you receive a product that has been damaged in shipping, is defective or is not the product you ordered, please contact us at or by phone at (888) 249-5838. Our product warranty covers technical issues, as well as any defects in materials and workmanship.  Our warranty does not cover damage from normal wear and tear, cosmetic damages such as scratches and dents, damage caused by abuse or misuse, lost devices, external causes, or products that have been altered. LinkVet may require you to furnish proof of purchase details at time of claim.

Questions for the LinkVet Team?

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